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Money Does Grow On Trees…

Review of The Social Entrepreneur’’s Handbook by Rupert Scofield.

As Rupert Scofield, cofounder and president of FINCA International, will tell you, the process of starting up and running a non-profit organization, while risky, isn’t as difficult as you might think. Practically speaking, you need only two things: an idea and a plan. The former comes from you and you alone. The Social Entrepreneur’’s Handbook provides the latter. Young Upstarts, a web-site all about entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, ideas, innovation, and small business, promotes Scofield’s book as a must-read for aspiring social entrepreneurs of all ages.

Here’s a sneak-peek at the review:

“An increasing trend in entrepreneurship is in the area of social enterprises – those non-profit organizations that operate businesses both to raise revenue and to further their social missions… Scofield shares his framework with aspiring social entrepreneurs on how to start, develop, and maintain a social enterprise from scratch. He should know – over the past 38 years, he’s served in pretty much every capacity in the modern non-profit world.

“Scofield dishes out exactly what an aspiring social entrepreneur needs to hear. So whether you are an established or aspiring entrepreneur with the desire to promote positive change, The Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook is for you.”

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Rupert Scofield is President & CEO of a global financial services empire spanning 23 countries of Latin America, Africa, Eurasia, South Asia and the Middle East, and serving 1.2 million of the world’s lowest income entrepreneurs with an outstanding loan portfolio of $850 million.


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