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Zig and Zag Your Way to Success!

Guest post by Rich Christiansen, author of The Zigzag Principle.

The struggling economy has made it difficult to find good work during the past five years. Enter Rich Christiansen and his new book, The Zigzag Principle he helps discouraged Americans take their destiny into their own hands to create a successful career. He knows that the road to success is never a straight line–keeping this in mind, he offers up his smart startup tactics in this great article featured on Forbes.com titled “Smart Entrepreneurs Follow the Zig Zag Principle.”

Check out a few of serial entrepreneur Rich Christiansen’s tried-and-true principles for zigging, zagging, and realizing your full potential (and bottom line):

  1. Assess your resources. At some point financial capital if usually needed to meet business goals. But it’s not a substitute for the other critical resources, mental capital (domain knowledge, skills, and passions), plus relationship capital (friends and advisors). Money results from mental and relationship capital, not the other way around.
  2. Identify your beacon in the fog. Start with a big audacious goal to guide you, so that every once in a while you can hit a smaller goal, to provide a break in the fog and catch sight of the beacon before those next steps into the darkness. Goals need to be written down, measurable, and realistic. Expect your fair share of zigzagging to get there.

To learn more and read the rest of the article on Forbes.com, click here.

Rich Christiansen spent the first half of his career as an executive running the PC division of Mitsubishi Electronics working at Novell and becoming general manager of About.com. Today he is in high demand as a mentor and small business consultant. Christiansen is coauthor of Bootstrap Business: A Step-by-Step Business Survival Guide.

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