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Being A Perfectionist

Guest post by Dan Tobin, author of Learn Your Way to Success.

Because the perfectionist has figured out how to do the work perfectly, he or she resists change – trying something new may result in the work being done more slowly or less perfectly.  But if you are stuck doing your work the same way every time, you are resisting learning anything new that may yield a better result.

A perfectionist is not a learner, and it is only by learning and applying your learning to your work that you can improve your job performance.  Are there risks involved in learning and changing?  Absolutely – as you learn something new, you may make some errors when you start applying your learning to your work, or you may not be as efficient in completing your work while you progress along  the learning curve.  But being a perfectionist who resists all learning and all change is a suboptimal strategy for the long run.

In my new book, Learn Your Way to Success, I describe many methods by which you can learn at work in order to improve your performance in your current job and accelerate your career.  One key to learning is to form a learning partnership with your manager, so that you get the reinforcement and encouragement you need as you learn and some leeway in measuring your job performance as you start applying your learning to your work.

What did you learn at work today?

Daniel R. Tobin has more than 30 years of experience in the learning and development field. He has founded two corporate universities served as vice president of design and development at the American Management Association and delivered keynotes and workshops on five continents.


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