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Do We Need To Save Capitalism?

Interview with Alfred Rappaport, author of Saving Capitalism from Short-Termism.

Alfred Rappaport, coined the term “short-termism.”  He refers to short-termism as sacrificing future growth to meet quarterly earnings benchmarks and it is destroying capitalism.  But, is capitalism worth saving?  Join Alfred Rappaport as he discusses with “The Engaging Brand” host Anna Farmery the effects of short-termism and how we can redirect our focus to long-term efforts:

  • Is short-termism a cause or sympton?
  • The effect of a decline in owner-managed businesses.
  • In reality have we always been a polarised society for wealth?
  • Are we a better society now?
  • What will turn the tide of short termism?
  • How should we measure long term value?

Click here to listen to Show 364 of “The Engaging Brand”, an interview with Alfred Rappaport.

Alfred Rappaport is the Leonard Spacek Professor Emeritus at Northwestern University’s J. L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management. He is the author of the business classic Creating Shareholder Value and coauthor with Michael Mauboussin of Expectations Investing. Rappaport has been a guest columnist for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fortune, and BusinessWeek.

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