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Are You In A Drama Triangle?

Video post featuring Ed Muzio, author of Make Work Great.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where there’s too much drama and not enough work getting done?  According to Stephen Karpman’s drama triangle model, there is a set of three interrelated roles that make real-life drama — the persecutor, the victim, and the hero.  We’re all familiar with these roles. And yet, many of us can’t help but play into them. So instead of managing projects, we’re managing personalities — and that’s what  keeps us from getting any real work done.

How do we bring the closing curtain down on workplace drama?  Watch “Stop the Drama and Do the Work” to see Ed Muzio, diagram the drama triangle and demonstrate ways to think outside of your scripted role.

Edward G. Muzio is the author of the award-winning book Four Secrets to Liking Your Work: You May Not Need to Quit to Get the Job You Want and of numerous other articles and refereed papers regarding business effectiveness. An expert in workplace improvement and its relationship to individual enjoyment, Muzio has been featured on “Fox Business News”,”The Michael Dresser Show” and other national media..

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