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The Importance Of Inspiring Your Team

Video post featuring Shawn Kent Hayashi, author of Conversations for Creating Star Performers.

It’s a story no one likes to hear: a rising talent takes a promotion at another company, and suddenly her peak performance drops off. How does this happen? Can it be prevented? In this video exclusive, Shawn Kent Hayashi outlines the key conversations that can not only save an employee from failing, but also inspire them to new levels of performance.



Conversations for Creating Star Performers provides a comprehensive toolkit to help managers direct conversations in a way that leaves employees with a strong sense of concrete goals and the confidence to achieve them.

Shawn Kent Hayashi is the founder and CEO of The Professional Development Group LLC, Executive-in-Residence for the Lehigh University MBA Program, and a global expert in developing collaboration and high performing teams. Shawn is a dynamic speaker and executive coach with deep experience working in entrepreneurial companies, Fortune 500, and associations around the globe.


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