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Digital Deeds, Digital Hugs And More

Twitter re-cap with Erik Qualman, author of Digital Leader.
If you missed the  #MHBizLive Twitter chat with author Erik Qualman , you missed a discussion  of digital legacy, inspiring leadership, and paying it forward in a digital world. Luckily, you can get the full chat contents here:

@MHBusiness: #DigitalLeader released in Dec, and has been hailed by reviewers & leaders like Tony Hsieh. Now we get to hear Erik’s take on it


Q. First, what inspired you to write #Digitalleader?


@equalman: Why I wrote Digital Leader Teachers, moms, CEOs are struggling with how to lead their best life in these digital times.


Q: What is the biggest change you see for a leader in the new digital world?


@equalman: Good ? – Digital Leaders understand that being well rounded is often a hinderance to success. Niche is necessary.


Q: you say in the book “Digital Leaders are Made Not Born” Can you explain?


@equalman: Success this digital decade is a choice. Digital Leaders are Made Not Born.#DigitalLeaderBook provides a guide


@equalman: Also understand the will to be is up to me this digital decade.


Q: Reviewers have loved the Digital Deeds in #DigitalLeader. What’s the #1 Digital Deed readers should take action on now?


@equalman: Digital Leaders understand the necessity to Fail Forward, Fail Fast, Fail Better #DigitalLeaderBook


Q: Who are some of the most innovative digital leaders in today’s large companies?


@equalman: @brettbarash @zappos @g_pahud @Mark_Cuban @ScottMonty are all great digital leaders


Q: Can you tell is what S.T.A.M.P. means in 5 Tweets?


@equalman: 5 Keys to Influence and Success this Digital Decade (STAMP): #1 Simplify everything you do


@equalman: 5 Keys to Success & Influence this Digital Decade (STAMP):: #2 True – be true to your passion and yourself


@equalman: 5 Keys to Success & Influence this Digital Decade (STAMP):: #3 Act – focus on output vs. input.Produce something!


@equalman: 5 Keys to Success this Digital Decade (STAMP): #4 Map – be firm in your destination but flexible in path


@equalman: 5 Keys to Success & Influence this Digital Decade (STAMP):: #5 People – Network before you need your network.


Q: What are Digital Hugs (ch 17 of Digital Leader)?


@equalman: Digital Hugs = How can I lift someone up? I can I use social for social good? Think Post-It-Forward!


Q: You discuss creating a digital legacy in the #DigitalLeader – what’s yours?


@equalman: My desired #DigitalLegacy: He set the world record for making people smile… a Digital Dale Carnegie.


Erik Qualman is a #1 Bestselling and Pulitzer Prize nominated author. He was voted the World’s 2nd Most Likeable Author behind Harry Potter’s J.K. Rowling. His work has been featured on 60 Minutes to the Wall Street Journal and used by the National Guard to NASA. Qualman is a sitting professor at Harvard & MIT’s edX labs.

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