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“Get Out There And Do Some Good!”

Video post featuring Jim Adams, author of Good Products, Bad Products.

As quality innovation expert Jim Adams sees it, “these days we seem to be focused more on the new and the different and short-term profits, than on the good.” In his new book, the bestselling author and Stanford professor argues that the only way to capture competitive global advantage is to compete on quality in the products we make. In this book trailer, Adams shares his insights on product, design, and innovation, and shows why improving product quality is a universal win—to producers, users, individuals, groups, organizations, nations, the human race, and the ecosphere.

Higher-quality products mean higher-quality competitiveness, which means higher quality of life for everyone. So as Jim says “Get out there and do some good!”

Jim Adams is professor emeritus at Stanford University where he chaired several programs taught courses on design and creativity and participated in many executive programs. Trained as an engineer and artist, he has conducted corporate workshops around the world and has written the bestselling guide to creativity and innovation Conceptual Blockbusting. For more information check out his blog, People and Products.



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