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Fit In And Stand Out— Online And Offline

Guest post by Debra Benton, author of  The Virtual Executive.

If you are brilliant at what you do, you are simply fulfilling the requirement of your work. So, to stand out among comparably brilliant co-workers you must be that and more. The more is also being memorable, impressive, credible, genuine, trusted, cool, calm, collected, confident, and comfortable in your presentation of brilliance. And you have to do that both when in-person and when you are not in-person – offline and online.

The Good News: It’s Not that Difficult!

You simply have to intelligently observe what most people do and do something different. (Different and better, not different and weirder, or course.)  For instance, if email is the prevailing communication method in your work environment use it but also periodically: 1.send a hand-written note on quality stationery, 2.make it a personal rule to pick up the phone and call after three email exchanges, 3.get up off your rear and go meet the individual in-person whether it requires walking across the hallway, the parking lot, driving across town, or flying across country.

Do Things a Little Differently

I know of one man who paid for travel expenses out of his own pocket when his company wouldn’t pay to see customers, vendors, and to participate in corporate training that his direct boss had no budget for.  (True the man was based in Dallas where Southwest flew places he needed to go at a special price tag of $59 so the out of pocket wasn’t outrageous and he usually tried to combine it with taking a family member along to improve his work and family balance issues.) Still, he routinely did things a little different then the rest.  He ended up being fast-tracked and was promoted to the CEO position over other comparably brilliant peers.

My basic recommendation is: In what ever situation you find yourself in offline or online —  intelligently observe what most people do it – and then do something else. That rule will serve you very well throughout your work life.

Debra Benton is ranked as one of the top executive coaches in the world, is president of Benton Management Resources, Inc., and author of 11 books including her latest from McGraw-Hill titled, The Leadership Mind Switch: Rethinking How We Lead in the New World of Work (June, 2017).

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