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Get Your Shift Together!

Video featuring author Jeffrey Gitomer talking with Steve Rizzo about his book GET YOUR SHIFT TOGETHER

Ralph Waldo Emerson was spot on when he said, “To different minds, the same world is a hell or heaven.” It’s a matter of perspective: an event can be experienced and interpreted in different ways by different people. There are those who view little mishaps as a major catastrophe, while others find the humor in them. Some people would have their day ruined if their car didn’t start, if they were stuck in traffic, or if they had to wait on line at Starbucks for their Triple shot, Skinny, Mocha, Carmel, Blah, Blah, Blah, Latte!

We have created a mindset in our society where everyone wants what they want when they want it.  And if we don’t get what we want when we want it, we feel ripped off. To make matters worse, we intensify our problems by continuously rehashing our woe-is-me story to the entire world.

That’s not to say that you’re wrong to get upset when your car doesn’t start and you’re late for work. That’s natural, of course, but you’re doing yourself a grave disservice by dwelling on that one instance all day. If you’re not vigilant, one bad mood can snowball out of control and ruin what could otherwise be an enjoyable and productive day. Whatever it is that has the potential to keep you from enjoying the day, understand that it’s not the situation itself that is causing you to be unhappy. It’s your thoughts and how you allow them to control you. It’s what you choose to focus on that fuels your emotions and defines your reality.

Too many of us relinquish control of our lives and accept our circumstances for what they might seem to be. We don’t know we have a choice, the tools, the power, or the know-how to confront our feats and challenges head-on. Guess what? You can adjust your attitude and make a conscious choice to enjoy yourself during the process of whatever you are trying to achieve. Making happiness a choice is what it’s all about no matter what your personal or professional circumstances. You can adjust your attitude and elevate your “degree of overall” happiness by choosing to shift your present mindset. When you fully appreciate that the mood you are at this moment affects how you will deal with what’s coming next, you will want to make the choices that will help you to feel better—not worse. That, my friends, is a major key to living a successful, happy life.

Focus on hope, gratitude, and seeing the good during adverse times and you will discover a brighter day regardless of your situation. Remember: When shift happens, your life changes. This year, get your SHIFT together!  As always, the choice is yours.

Steve Rizzo a.k.a. The Attitude Adjuster is a personal development expert whose clients include American Airlines BP JPMorgan Chase Scholastic and Sprint among others. As a standup comic he has headlined with many titans of comedy including Jerry Seinfeld Eddie Murphy Drew Carey and Ellen DeGeneres.

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