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15 Potentially Deadly Mistakes Most Presenters Make

Abreviated excerpt from Killer Presentations with Your iPad by Bob LeVitus and Ray Anthony.

Everyone occasionally makes mistakes when giving presentations, even Killer Presenters. But it’s the type and extent of the mistakes that deter-mine the negative impact they will have. These mistakes will adversely affect the way your audience pays attention to, understands, and accepts the information or ideas you are discussing. Part of creating and giving a Killer Presentation is not entirely what you do—it’s also what you don’t do—and you need to know both to get it right. Here are the common no-nos to avoid.

  1. Not Knowing How to Use Your iPad Competently
  2. Keeping It Boring and Dull
  3. Including Too Much Detail
  4. Running Overtime
  5. Causing “Death by Bullets” . . . Oh, the Mental Pain and Suffering!
  6. Winging It (Worse Yet, Faking It)
  7. Taking Chances with Unknowns
  8. Having Poor Eye Contact
  9. Making Excuses and Apologizing
  10. Giving a Canned Pitch
  11. Not Communicating Bene?ts and Value to the Audience
  12. Showing Low-to-No Energy, Passion, or Conviction
  13. Making It All About “Me, We, Us, Our”
  14. Neglecting to Reduce Visual Distractions and Confusion
  15. Not Engaging and Involving the Audience

For the complete list with full prescriptions and to learn more about creating amazing presentations read Killer Presentations with Your iPad .

Ray Anthony is the author of six business books and has taught presentations skill to thousands of people during his 25 years as a corporate trainer an executive coach and a mentor.
Bob LeVitus has been considered one of the world’s leading authorities on the Macintosh and Mac OS for more than 25 years.

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