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Habits Of Top Sellers

Infographic based on Target Opportunity Selling by Nicholas C. Read.

More than half of today’s salespeople learned their trade in last century’s pre-Internet, pre-globalized transactional environment.  In those days, buyers needed salespeople to explain new solutions. Salespeople won business by being product experts and socializers.  Pitching, persuasion and personality were the name of the game.

That game has changed in the 21st century.  Buying expectations matured. But in most cases, selling did not.  This may explain why 40-60% of salespeople aren’t making quota today.  Looking at the habits of top sellers, what can we learn to about what really works?  Based on over 20,000 hours of research into sales behavior, Nic Read uncovers how top sellers create, pursue, and win major deals.

Target Opportunity Selling, 007177307X, 9780071773072

Nic is a former executive with EY and chief revenue officer of SalesLabs, a company he started as a tax dodge that didso well it grew into a legitimate global services firm. His career is a lucky accident.

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