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Would You Hire Sherlock Holmes?

Infographic based on The Infographic Resume by Hannah Morgan.

“Address:  221B Baker Street, London. Ability to adopt to almost any disguise. Expertise: British Law. Interests: Necro-analysis. References: John Watson.”

What better way to illustrate the power of the infographic resume, than one created for the world’s most famous, eccentric, and exceptional private detective?

In today’s economy and highly competitive hiring climate, Sherlock Holmes will need an infographic resume to quickly differentiate him from other consulting private detectives.  Clients in need of a skilled investigator will note his use of eye-catching design elements to illustrate his singular background and unusual but effective skillsets.  This infographic resume will allow Mr. Holmes to be considered over his colleague and fellow detective, Dr. Watson; to perhaps inflame the sibling rivalry and jealousy between himself and his smarmy older brother, the government official, Mycroft.  Holmes’ infographic resume might possibly even rouse the murderous envy of his archrival, Professor James Moriarty.

The use of the infographic resume is growing outside the tech and design fields; witness the proliferation of visual portfolios, sites that auto-generate visual resumes and resume builders, Pinterest boards, customized visual libraries, forums and detailed guides.  The Infographic Resume, offers how-to’s and examples to help you design your own infographic resume to instantly get yourself noticed by hiring managers and use visual language to creatively illustrate your skills, strengths, and experience.

For Mr. Holmes and his digital prowess, creating an infographic resume is nothing short of “Elementary.”

You can access the full infographic here.

Hannah Morgan is a career and social media strategist and owner of Career Sherpa.net. A nationally recognized speaker and author on proactive job search techniques she and her work have been featured in the Huffington Post USA Today and U.S. News & World Report and on Lifehacker BlogHer and Business Insider.


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