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Enjoying The Journey Not Just The Destination

Guest post by Elise Mitchell author of Leading Through the Turn.

Going Full Throttle The Turn

From the beginning, I must confess I’m a destination person, much more interested in being somewhere than experiencing the journey. I’m a leader with a determined focus to get there, wherever “there” might be.

Friends have described me as an intensely passionate achiever with a motor that seldom slows down much less stops, and it’s hard for me to argue with that assessment. I’ve been on the go most of my life. Always searching for the next stop—but never stopping because there’s always another achievement, the next “there,” that keeps me going.

Sound familiar? Perhaps you have a similar destination-focus; if not, I suspect you know someone who does. So you know that while going full throttle has many advantages, it also has its challenges.

Paying a Price

For years, I wrestled with the tension of choosing between work and life – and had no idea how those two things could possibly blend well. I’ve spent the last 20 years with the help of many smart people building a company, Mitchell Communications Group, from scratch and selling it to a global organization. I’m still with both companies today and am loving every minute of it. This has been one of my greatest professional accomplishments, and we reaped plenty of rewards from that success.  I’m tremendously grateful for all of it.

But I also paid a big price. I lost sleep, worked endless hours. My relationships with friends and family suffered. My mental, physical and spiritual health were pretty terrible. No hobbies. No vacations. Nearly everything I thought about was work and chasing “The Big Dream” of building a successful business.

In short, I was all about the destination. But I was missing the journey. And I knew something needed to change.

Living the Life You Dream of

I get what it means to live life at this intense pace and the toll it can take on you as well as those around you. I bet you do, too.

We all want success. I’m sure you’ve worked hard to reach your goals, make more money, get that next promotion, earn the prestige and recognition that comes along with that. And it’s all good. These are wonderful rewards, and you should enjoy them! I certainly have.

But it can’t be all you’re about. I know you want much more. You want to feel passionate about your work. You want to be a leader who impacts others for good. You so badly want to be a good and supportive spouse, to have the love of your children and family, to be a faithful friend to others.

You want to live a life filled with joy, sleep, adventure, laughter, love and fulfillment. And ultimately, you want to make the world a better place in some small way.

In short, you want to live the life you only dream of. Me too.

And that’s why I’m glad we found each other. Because I have discovered a better way to live and lead that makes these things possible. I’m a different person today than I was several years ago. Adopting a journey mindset was the key.

Showing You a Better Way

That’s what my blog, website and my new book, Leading Through the Turn, is all about – sharing with you what I’ve learned, how my journey has changed, and how you can change yours, too.

I want to show you a better way so you can:

  • Lead at your best
  • Make the journey matter as much as the destination
  • Reach the destinations that matter most to you.

Until next time, whatever you do, be sure to enjoy the ride.

Elise Mitchell is the founder and CEO of Mitchell Communications Group and CEO of the Dentsu Aegis PR Network. She shares the journey-mindset message around the world through speaking engagements, by working side-by-side with leaders in the trenches, and by sharing her personal experiences in articles and interviews. Read more at elisemitchell.com.

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