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4 Keys To Attracting Amazing People In Your Life & Business

4 Keys To Attracting Amazing People

Entrepreneurship and leadership expert Rhett Power explains four steps you can take to improve your relationships attract quality people to enhance your life and small business. 

We all crave interaction and connection with people who have a zest for life and who make us feel good about ourselves. We all need to feel a sense of belonging, companionship, and love. It seems even the loneliest person would rather be alone than stuck with someone who is dull or draining.

Finding people who are motivating and who energize us is even more critical to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship can be lonely and frustrating. If you have the wrong people around you and it can almost be impossible to be successful. So the question is how do you attract amazing people that can support you through the ups and downs of running a business?

1. To begin, it takes amazing to attract amazing.

Could there be any chance that we are, in fact, that someone who is dull or draining? It is important that we ask ourselves this question, even if it seems harsh. The type of energy we put out is going to determine the kind of people and opportunities we attract in our life. Ask yourself some important questions:

  • Do I complain about my business?
  • Do I gossip about others?
  • Do I complain in front of my team?
  • Am I cynical or pessimistic?
  • Do I attract dramatic people/situations?
  • What do I do to improve myself or the business?
  • When did I last try something new?

Being specific in the type of people we want to surround ourselves with takes hard work. We won’t attract the right people through desire or the intent to be around better people. We have to take the initiative and let the amazing folks know we exist!  We have to be intentional and understand what behavior we might need to change in ourselves. 

2. Consult your inner circle.

We become the average of the top 5 people we spend the most time with. To build our network with higher quality people, we need to begin by evaluating the company we keep. Either we risk becoming like those around us, or we are guilty by association. Our inner circle is either a liability or an asset. Here are some essential questions to ask about your inner circle:

  • What types of people are in your inner circle?
  • Who would your inner circle attract?
  • Are these qualities you want to continue attracting?
  • Do these people help or hurt your business?
  • Do you learn something from this group that can help your business grow?

If you surround yourself with people who are not growing and who are a negative influence, it will be hard to attract the amazing people you need in your life and business. Be choosy about who you spend your time with. You don’t need to completely write people out of your life, but be cautious of how much you interact with them.

3. Associate yourself with people who are smarter than you.

Amazing people have a presence that we are drawn and attracted to. They have knowledge and value to offer. We bring value to our lives and business when we associate with people who have achieved more than us. We’re guaranteed to learn something new when we are around them.  Join a networking group of successful people, or ask a successful business person in your community to be a mentor. The more of these dynamic people we can associate with the more we learn.

 4. Be a better listener.

People who listen well to others will learn there are amazing people all around them. We need to take the time and listen. We are in such a rush to get more accomplished that we don’t pay attention to relationships. And, our social interactions are increasingly filtered through a screen. Disconnect. Slow down. Listen. You can learn so much from customers, employees, and your inner circle that can help you grow personally and as an entrepreneur.

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Rhett Power is co-founder of Wild Creations, an award-winning start-up toy company named one of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing US Companies. A member of the United States Department of State’s International Speakers Program, he travels the globe speaking about entrepreneurship, leadership, and management alongside the likes of Gates Foundation CEO Sue Desmond-Hellmann, AOL Founder Steve Case, and President Barack Obama.


Rhett co-founded Wild Creations in 2007 and quickly built the startup into one of the fastest growing companies in the US. He has been a finalist for Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year twice. Rhett recently was named one of the world’s top 100 business bloggers for 2016 and is a regular contributor on management and leadership to Inc., Forbes, Success Magazine and CNBC. His new book The Entrepreneurs Book of Actions is in book stores now.