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Power Your Tribe with Leadership Expert Christine Comaford

Power Your Tribe with Christine Comaford

Watch this webinar with leadership and workplace agility expert Christine Comaford and learn how to help your empower your employees to be more motivated and productive.

On 2/26/18, Christine Comaford presented Power Your Tribe, a McGraw-Hill Professional Work Smarter webinar. Join leadership consultant and New York Times bestselling author Christine Comaford for this game-changing webinar and learn how to help your team thrive, even in times of change. This is what you can expect from using the Power Your Tribe playbook:

• Employees are 35–50% more productive

• Employees are 67-100% more emotionally engaged, loyal, accountable, and ownership-focused

• Leaders gain 5-15 hours per week due to more self-directed teams and individuals

• Profit per employee increases by 22%+

• Sales are closed up to 50% faster

Find out how you can power your own tribe!


For more information about Christine Comaford and how to power your own tribe, read Power Your Tribe: https://amzn.to/2qaoyKx


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