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A Small Business Guide To Getting Started With Video

A Small Business Guide to Getting Started With Video

In today’s world, it’s not “business as usual.” We are living in an online video revolution and if you’re not jumping in, your business could become a relic of the past. With so much noise and competition out there, making your message stand out can be bewildering. The good news is that technology is accessible, affordable and easier-than-ever to use which has leveled the playing field for business owners big or small.

However, it still requires business leaders and managers to have the foresight to see that the landscape has changed and to take immediate action (especially businesses whose historical foundation is not in tech) and embrace this new “video gone wild” world so that we can successfully build and grow our businesses.

Once the decision and the plan has been put in place to join this revolution, you’re going to need some tools. Here I will tell you about two easy-to-use video tools that can be used by any business to build and reinforce your brand, broadcast news, connect with your customers on a deeper level, and generate more revenue. And most importantly, your business will be quickly transported to center stage of the video revolution.

Tool #1: LiveReach.

There’s no better way to fuel your business and 10X your video impact than live streaming.

According to Mediative, “video streaming accounted for 75% of all internet traffic in 2017 and is expected to jump to 82% by 2020.”

See why it’s time to stop hiding? But don’t worry. If this notion makes you uncomfortable, you are not alone. Many business owners shy away from going on camera – self-doubt creeps in and we ask ourselves questions like, “Will I embarrass myself?”, “Will I represent my brand well?”, or “How can I go on camera… I’m too shy, introverted or a perfectionist.” Some of us would much rather pre-record our videos until we are satisfied, post them at a scheduled time, and still benefit from broadcasting “Live” on Facebook and YouTube.

So, if this sounds like you, then I will ask, “What if you could “Live Stream” without the stress of “Live Streaming?”

Problem Solved! LiveReach allows you to do just that. And your pre-recorded video content will jump to the front of the line – cutting through the noise of other content being published because… YouTube and Facebook “think” that your video IS livestreaming and their search algorithms reward live streaming content and push it to the top of your newsfeed.

Tool #2: Loom.

Loom is a free screen and video recording software that can be used in myriad ways for your business. I use it specifically in four ways and have seen a dramatic increase in customer engagement, team efficiency and income generation.

Here are four ways to use Loom for your business:

Customer service tool. There are many free screen and video recording tools out there, so why use Loom? One of the things I love about Loom is how easy it is to use and since it is a Chrome plugin, it connects with your business Gmail account (if you have one).

Once you record your video, simply “compose your email” and in one click you can add the video inside your email. This is the perfect tool to personally interact with your customers. For example, when an author or marketer purchases one of my online courses, I send a personal (Loom) email, addressing her or him by name and welcoming them to my program.

People are stunned by this personal level of customer service and are much more likely to stay engaged and sign up for other programs I have to offer. All this from a simple 30-second personal video message.

And, as in any business, things do not always go as planned. If a customer is frustrated or asking for their money back, I jump on Loom and apologize for the situation they’ve experienced and tell them how I will make it up to them. I’ve saved thousands of dollars this way. I get messages like, “Wow! I can’t believe you took the time to record a video for me. Thank you for sorting things out. I’m a fan for life.”

You may be thinking, I don’t have time for this. Think again! Customers today expect immediate and personal attention. Recording a quick video only takes a few minutes. Wouldn’t you say that’s worth a few thousand dollars?

Communicate with your team. I use Loom nearly every day to communicate with my team. Rather than sending long detailed emails, I jump on camera, greet my team member (builds loyalty and connection) and share my screen and “show” my team member exactly what I expect to be done. I have found this to save me time and money; no back and forth trying to understand the tasks. Since requiring my team to communicate with this tool, I have found projects to be completed at lightning speed which positively impacts my bottom line.

Show me the (video) money. Loom can be used to create marketing videos for lead generation opt-ins and sales funnels or digital products that you can sell. In other words, I’m using a free tool (Loom) to generate multiple streams of revenue for my business. How? It’s easy. Simply prepare your presentation slides, share your screen (you can choose to be on or off camera), hit the record button with Loom, and Boom! You now have a digital product to sell. As always, make sure that your presentations are content-rich so that your audience is dazzled by what you offered for free. If you’re doing this for the first time, a great business strategy is to give this recorded training as a freebie with an opt-in so that your prospective customers see the great content that you’re sharing. If they loved the free version they are likely going to be interested in your paid program, product or service down the road.

Membership site. Another way to generate recurring revenue is to create a Membership site. I’ve used Loom in two ways for my membership site. First, to record a virtual tour of my exclusive membership site (Author Success Hub). On video, I share my screen and pull back the curtain and show prospective members exactly what they will receive by becoming a member. This free video has led to an increase in new members. The other way I use Loom is to create how-to video tutorials that only my members get access to – in other words, the value of the membership is that they get curated video content just for them.

The excuse train has left.

The only way to get over the proverbial video creation hump is to… “Just Do It!” (to borrow a tagline from Nike). And, now there are tools to make it easier than ever. The result? Instead of running scared and worrying about what your competition is doing you’ll be leading the pack.

Businesses that embrace the video revolution and give their customers what they want will be among the businesses that will lead us from today’s revolution to tomorrow’s next big thing.

Dr. Tamara Monosoff is a digital marketing expert and bestselling business author. Tamara has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, U.S. News & World Report, Wall Street Journal, Oprah, People & Time magazines to name a few. Before becoming an author and entrepreneur, she served in the White House and U.S. Department of Education as a Presidential Appointee to the Clinton Administration. Learn more here: TamaraMonosoff.com.


Dr. Tamara Monosoff is a digital marketing expert and a #1 Amazon Best-selling Author of seven business books. Tamara is the creator of the highly acclaimed Author-to-Income Formula -- a proven step-by-step program that shows authors, experts and entrepreneurs how to build a high-profit online business as an author by leveraging their expertise and book to generate multiple streams of income.