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Automatically Triple the Reach of Your Instagram Posts

Automatically Triple the Reach of Your Instagram Posts

Author Jason Miles reveals how to use today’s most popular social media platform and how to build your business on Instagram.

Are you ready to triple the reach of your Instagram posts – automatically? I am, because we leave for a vacation in 16 days and I’m ready to play more and work less! To help me prepare, I’m trying to find easy automation hacks.

Maybe you’re in the same situation? Or maybe you’re just exhausted by all your social media work. Whatever the reason, it’s time to implement a simple one-time solution that will take any Instagram image you choose and

  • Automatically post it onto one of your Pinterest boards
  • Automatically post it onto your Facebook page  
  • Automatically post it onto your Twitter feed

The way you make this happen is by using the automation Applets available on the IF This Then That (IFTTT) platform. There is no cost for this wizardry, and it takes just a couple minutes to set up too.

Easily Control What You Post to the Additional Sites

For my ideal solution, I went with three Applets that all work when I use a hashtag of my choosing, on one of my Instagram posts. That’s the trigger. Whenever you include the hashtag, the automated actions occur. If you leave it off the Instagram post, no automated actions occur. Here’s are the Applets you’re looking for:

While there are thousands of Applets on the IFTTT site, these three are officially made by Instagram and Pinterest. So, they feel trustworthy. In fact, Instagram has created dozens of Applets to choose from, so once you get the hang of it, you can do much more than I’m showing you in this article. But to do the setup I’m describing get these three:

The Pinterest Posting Applet

The Facebook Page Posting Applet

The Twitter Posting Applet

The installation process is very simple. You just do the following:

  1. Set up an account on IFTTT.
  2. Log in to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter on your desktop.
  3. In IFTTT, select the Applet and then do the following setup steps.
  4. Click “on” or “Get Started”.
  5. It will ask you for the hashtag you’d like to use as the trigger. Make up something unique. Remember it will be customer facing, so ideally, it’ll have some meaning for your tribe.
  6. For the Pinterest Applet, it will ask you which Pinterest board you’d like to have the content posted onto.

Join the Elite Marketers

You might be thinking that this sounds so simple and helpful, that all the smart marketers of the Internet have already set this up. Yet out of the 1 billion Instagram users, these apps are only being used by fewer than 100,000 people.

If you like this concept, then you might really like my new book Instagram Power. In Section Five I walk-through tools and services to expand your Instagram work. I’ve included:

  • Account Management Tools
  • Tools to Turn Images Into Physical Products
  • Photo Management Utilities
  • Video Editing Utilities
  • Hashtag and Follower Management Utilities
  • Photo Editing Apps

So, let’s join the elite marketers of the world, automate our social media posting, and spend more time on vacation!

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Automatically Triple the Reach of Your Instagram Posts

Jason Miles is Udemy's Most Popular E-commerce Instructor and Adjunct Professor of Online Marketing at Northwest University. He is the co-founder of Pixie Faire, an e-commerce marketplace in the sewing niche that has had over 3.5 million patterns downloaded to-date, as well as Sew Powerful, a charity focused on combating extreme poverty.