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Can Love Drive Business Success? Take the LEAP and Find Out.

Can Love Drive Business Success Take the LEAP and Find Out.

Leadership expert, Steve Farber explains how every leader at every level of every organization can use love as a way to become successful in business.

Love has long been viewed as the softest of all topics – and so many people thought they needed to suppress it to become successful – until now. In fact, love is a hardcore business principle now essential to lead winning organizations and elevate customer experience. And the cultures of today’s leading companies are proof positive, harnessing love’s power to build growth, loyalty and competitive advantage.

To reenergize any business or brands, leaders can follow the proven “LEAP” model:

Love – Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do.

Energy – Generate more energy when you walk into a room than when you walk out.

Audacity – Make a connection between the work you do and its potential impact on the world.

Proof – Prove yourself through significant, observable, daily actions.

Leaders must combine these elements for results: Love is the ultimate motivator that generates Energy, inspires Audacity, and requires Proof.  When employees experience this sequence from their leaders, they become more loyal, innovative, creative, and inspired. And they’re much more likely to produce products, services, and experiences customers will love. When love is baked into the customer experience, customers reciprocate with loyalty and referrals. Healthy employee relationships and customer retention combine to drive consistent, long-term success.

Just look at some of the companies that successfully lead with love:

  • American Greetings – the Ohio-based card company whose mission is to create happiness, laughter, and love, declares its purpose as making the world a more thoughtful and caring place.
  • OAC – the Seattle-based engineering firm that operationalized love with employee-led committees to shape company culture, communications, and talent.
  • Scripps Health – the San Diego-based integrated health system that created an “employee concierge” system in which an employee looks out for colleagues during a crisis, and The Hope Fund, an employee-sponsored fund to help coworkers in need.
  • Trailer Bridge – the Jacksonville-based shipping company that transformed its culture, image and outlook with a leadership approach built upon the mantra of “love it, learn it, fix it.”

These organizations – like many others – deploy love as a foundation of their working business model, ensuring customer loyalty, employee retention, and long-term success.

Love is critical to business and anyone can make it an integral part of their organization and leadership style.The key is to “do what you lovein the service of peoplewho love what you do.”

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Can Love Drive Business Success? Take the LEAP and Find Out.

Steve Farber, founder of The Extreme Leadership Institute, is a popular keynote speaker and leadership expert. He’s the bestselling author of The Radical Leap, The Radical Edge, and Greater Than Yourself.