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The 12 Principles You Need to Survive Turbulent Times

With more than 40 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, CEO, executive, corporate trainer, and community leader, Steve Shallenberger, reveals the 12 principles to live by in order to be your best.

By the numbers, employees are struggling, performance is suffering, health and well-being are at all-time lows, and relationships inside and outside of work are falling apart at record rates.

How have you experienced this? As a leader, is your business struggling to adapt? Are your teams aligned and productive? Are the challenges of a professional or personal relationship weighing on you? Have you or someone close to you achieved professional results at the expense of your health and longevity?

The solution is in you. You must own the moment and seize the day. You can take action now to improve your professional life, your relationships, and your health. And, others likely need you and count on you to step up to the challenge. The need for you to perform at your very best has never been greater.

So, how do you step up?

Through more than 40 years of research, we have identified 12 principles of highly successful leaders that consistently empower people to break through barriers. We have also developed a set of tools and processes so that people can master these principles. With the right mindset and skillset, you can lead a life by design and do what matters most. You take control.

People around the world have used these 12 principles to transform their personal lives and their teams. For example, the President of Rwanda, along with hundreds of Rwandan leaders, have focused on these 12 principles to rebuild a genocide-stricken nation. Many athletes and executives have centered their lives on these 12 principles to achieve peak performance and have breakout years.

Those who apply these principles accomplish 500-1,000 more key priorities each year. Within the first four weeks, they see an average of 30-50% improvement in their performance and productivity. But more importantly, they are happier, healthier, live more, love more, and achieve more.

Which principles best apply to these turbulent times? Below are just 8 of the 12 principles:

Principle 2: Lead with a Vision

Principle 3: Manage with a Plan

Principle 4: Prioritize Your Time

Principle 6: Build & Maintain Trust

Principle 7: Be an Effective Communicator

Principle 9: Be Accountable

Principle 11: Live in Peace & Balance

Principle 12: Never Give Up!

If you are wondering where to start to have a breakthrough year, start with Principle Two: Lead With a Vision. The top 3% of high achievers have a well-written personal vision. Do you think Olympic athletes got to where they are without a vision? Of course not. Their vision inspired their plan of action and aligned their daily actions towards the achievement of their vision. The same is true of most top achievers.

From the team perspective, a vision is often talked about and rarely done correctly. A real vision aligns and unites people.

Consider the following examples:

“Put a man on the moon.” John F. Kennedy

“Equality for all.” Rosa Parks

“Put people back into space, colonize the moon, go to mars.” Elon Musk

“Solo flight across the Atlantic.” Amelia Earhart

“Have a computer in every home.” Bill Gates

Think about the impact of these visions on our world! Now, your vision doesn’t have to change the world; it just needs to change your world!

How do you develop a clear, compelling personal vision? That is covered in detail in Chapter Two of our book, Becoming Your Best: 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders. While we wish we could cover each of the 12 principles in this 700-word post, there is just enough space to begin.

If you would like to have a breakthrough year, we invite you to invest a signed copy of the book ($19.96) for you and your team:

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We have also developed a “52-Week Success Rhythm.” This 52-week program is a program that helps you apply one principle a week for the entire year. It is a simple, yet powerful process to keep you motivated and focused on these powerful principles ($3.96 per month)

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Here’s to Becoming Your Best!

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