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How to Adopt a Millionaire Mindset

From teenage felon to multi-millionaire, Johnny Wimbrey, explains how to obtain a mindset that will drive you to become a millionaire.

My father was a trashman, a very hard worker. While not a millionaire, his mindset to expose his children to the multimillion-dollar homes from his sanitation truck route had a direct bearing on my hunger for massive increase.

Vision is created only by exposure, and whether he knew it or not, my father teed up my vision exactly the way golfers tee up their balls for a better view and maximum momentum.

I don’t know anyone on the black or white sides of my family who had a million in the bank when they died. Growing up, I never expected an inheritance or looked forward to accessing a trust fund. Nothing like that existed for me. But it will for my children because I am a true, genuine, first-generation millionaire.

It Starts with Your Character

Let’s take a step back from the money for a moment. First, I want to talk about character. Becoming successful—becoming that first-generation millionaire in your family—has everything to do with the character you bring to the table.

Before you can even start thinking about the money, success, or clout, you first must—must—have a conversation with your character. Your true character, the person you are when it’s just you and you. Without the right character in place, knowing who you are and what you’re capable of, you will never achieve or maintain true success.

I firmly believe that people who continuously develop their internal success of character have the most external success. Almost every millionaire I’ve helped coach or train was broke and hungry for a greater life when I met them. Today, many of them are worth millions, and not because of their business acumen or their ability to convince people to buy something.

No. It’s because I have ingrained in them the exact millionaire mindset that has been ingrained in me, the three most important keys they need in order to have the character of a first-generation millionaire. If you don’t build these mental muscles and exercise them constantly, your success will be fleeting.

3 Character Traits of First-Generation Millionaires

If you truly desire to implement this mindset and take on the assignment of becoming a first-generation millionaire, you must adopt the three keys essential to the character of every first-generation millionaire.


Do you value yourself and your abilities? If you truly want to succeed in life with a solid foundation, first you need to understand and appreciate your personal value. Just as every person’s thumbprint is unique, there is something unique that only you were designed to leave on this planet before you depart.

Your personal value is directly linked to the confidence and posture you bring to any conversation, deal, or presentation. Confidence and posture show up only when you can truly identify and walk in your God-given value. The world benefits from those who tap into their true personal value for many generations.


Do you have faith in yourself? Not in your ideas, your team, or your product, not in your website, or even in your family—in yourself. When things go south, when your best employees quit, or when your product gets trumped in the marketplace, do you have faith that you’ll be able to start from scratch and create success all over again? You must have faith in yourself and your abilities. Otherwise, the very first wave will wash you away completely. Those who consistently build faith in themselves will ultimately tap into a much higher degree of personal purpose.


Are you committed to taking this all the way? Are you honest enough with yourself to ensure that you will give this effort 100% of your energy, 100% of the time? Without commitment, quitting is too easy. Without commitment, you will never be a first-generation millionaire.

Duplicating the millionaire mindset is far greater than duplicating an industry or product. Products and industries change and can even die, but the millionaire mindset is designed to last for generations.

Are you ready to be the person in your family who finally creates lasting wealth? If so, you must be ready re-discover your true self and transform into someone who has the character of a first-generation millionaire.

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How to Adopt a Millionaire Mindset

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