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How To Set Yourself Apart From All the Noise on Social Media

How To Set Yourself Apart From All the Noise on Social Media

Founder and president of MicroFame Media, Michael Schein, explains that using hype for positive purposes will lead to success for your business.

The internet is as close to infinite as anything human beings have ever invented. Putting a message out on social media and expecting people to happen upon it is like tossing a bottle with a message into the Pacific Ocean and hoping someone will find it. Yet, many of us focus the bulk of our marketing efforts on tweeting, Facebook posting, Instagramming, LinkedIn messaging, and Tik Tokking, along with trying to predict whatever social media trend is coming. next.

We have it backwards. Social media is nothing more than a set of tools. It is not an end in itself. Many people who are excellent at scheduling, segmenting, and testing social media campaigns have no clue when it comes to influencing people to buy what they’re selling. Yet, these unpersuasive tech wizzes are who everyone seems to want to emulate.

So, if social media technicians don’t hold the key to successful marketing practices, who does?

Pay Attention to the Hype Artists

In every era, certain people have unfailingly managed to generate intense emotion in large numbers of people in order to get them to do what they want them to. Oftentimes these individuals didn’t go to business school. In many cases, they’re not even well educated in the traditional sense.

Street-smart self-promoters. Propagandists. Pranksters. Showmen. Cult leaders. There has always been a segment of society whose members live on the margins and who possess an understanding about group psychology and persuasion that few of their more legitimate counterparts do.

In fact, it is precisely because hype artists lack legitimacy that they are forced to develop successful promotional strategies (often by trial and error). Driven by the need to operate under the radar, they invent ingenious workarounds that are designed to get the biggest results.

However, because these mischief makers leave such a bad taste in our mouths, we tend to ignore them when engaged in more legitimate enterprises. Instead, we obsess over chasing new social platforms (or sales funnel technologies or marketing automation systems) as if doing so will magically compensate for a hundred thousand years of human evolution.

This is a big mistake.

Human brains are not evolved to see the world accurately. They are designed to help us survive and reproduce.

Hype artists intuitively understand this. Even if you are the most morally upright human being on the planet, there’s a lot you can learn from them.

These natural psychologists are able to persuade and influence people regardless of which technologies they choose to use. The trick is to selectively borrow those tactics and stunts from the most effective attention-getters while leaving the unethical parts aside. Is this difficult? Sure it is. Is it worth it? Without a doubt.

To read more from the author, check out his new book, The Hype Handbook.

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How To Set Yourself Apart From All the Noise on Social Media

Michael F. Schein is the founder and president of MicroFame Media, a marketing agency that specializes in making idea-based companies famous in their fields. Some of his clients have included eBay, Magento, The Medici Group, University of Pennsylvania, Gordon College, University of California Irvine, United Methodist Publishing House, Ricoh, LinkedIn, and Citrix. His writing has appeared in Fortune, Forbes, Inc., Psychology Today, and Huffington Post, and he is a speaker for international audiences spanning from the northeastern United States to the southeastern coast of China. His book The Hype Handbook: 12 Indispensable Success Secrets From the World’s Greatest Propagandists, Self-Promoters, Cult Leaders, Mischief Makers, and Boundary Breakers, published by McGraw Hill, is available where books are sold beginning on January 12, 2021.